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“You hear it all the time... work smarter, not harder. After reading You Can’t Scale Chaos, you will know precisely how to make that transformation.”

“Jonathan's writing hits the bullseye, and even more so; his clients’ results walk the walk. A great read and living evidence of success.”

“With kindness and grace, Jonathan's strategic and marketing skills, and his wits, have helped me become one of the top 1.5% agents in the US. His mentorship has lifted me professionally and personally.”

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Most real estate agents—even successful veterans—work in chaos.

Picture this: You have a great track record of selling and executing transactions, and because you have been willing to work hard at it, you’ve made good money. However, the more success you have achieved, the more the chaos has grown. Now that we are in a post-COVID world with high interest rates, limited inventory, and longer days on market, working sixty-plus hours a week alone isn’t enough to accomplish your goals. You’ve maxed out the “hard work” card.

At this point, there’s only one way to keep growing: work smarter.

That’s Jonathan Lack’s specialty. In You Can’t Scale Chaos: The Veteran Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Working Smarter and Selling More, he teaches you how to ask the right questions and leverage your resources to maximize what your business can do—without working any harder but rather working smarter than you do today.

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