You Can't Scale Chaos book cover


This book is one of the best investments you'll ever make in your real estate business, especially if you're a veteran agent with at least 100 transactions, a team leader, or an operations manager committed to working smarter and selling more effectively. 

  • Price Reflects Commitment: The $250 price tag is deliberately set to ensure that those who buy the book actually read it as it represents an investment in your ongoing professional development, which is crucial for success in today's real estate industry.
  • Proven Success: Jonathan Lack's strategic insights led the Carey Hagglund Condy Team to become the #1 Compass Marin County team in both 2022 and 2023. 
  • Comprehensive Strategic Framework that top real estate agents and teams have paid the author tens of thousands for. It offers a comprehensive guide to boosting your market share, sales, profitability, and enterprise value.
  • Structured Roadmap: The book is thoughtfully organized into four parts: Strategic Planning, Execution, Leverage, and Leadership. Each part provides a structured roadmap, making it easy for you to navigate and implement the strategies effectively.
  • Accomplished Author: Jonathan H. Lack's track record includes co-authoring "The Real Estate Team Playbook" in 2023 and "Plan To Turn Your Company Around" in 2013. He brings over 30 years of strategic planning and operations experience including the last five years of consulting for top agents and teams in real estate.  
  • Bonus Access: Readers can request a link to five hours of recorded discussions by the author, providing an in-depth exploration of each section of the book.