Book Overview

Strategic Planning Expert to Publish Transformative Real Estate Industry Book
Jonathan Lack set to release new title designed for the top-performers in the industry

[Marin County, California, January 9, 2024] In an increasingly competitive and volatile real estate market predicted for the next decade, Jonathan H. Lack is poised to innovate the industry with today’s release of his new book, You Can't Scale Chaos, The Veteran Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Working Smarter and Selling More. This definitive strategic guide to running your real estate business like a business is the culmination of Lack's extensive 30-year career in business strategic planning, entrepreneurship, and operations in real estate and in over a dozen other industries.

At a cost of $250, Lack's book is one of the most cost-effective investments an agent can make in the new year. It contains the strategic framework top agents and teams have paid Lack tens of thousands of dollars to develop and help execute on their behalf. The book is primarily aimed at veteran agents, team leaders and operations managers who are seeking new insights on how to effectively increase their market share, overall sales, profitability, and enterprise value for succession planning.

You Can’t Scale Chaos teaches real estate professionals how to work smarter in four parts, based on the acronym SELL. Part I starts with Strategic Planning, which includes a full audit of every aspect of an agent’s business. Part II covers Execution, which focuses on getting the basic daily processes right, consistently. Part III explores Leverage, which explains how to use each experience to gain greater and greater effectiveness in everything an agent or team member does. Finally, part IV addresses Leadership and a culture of accountability, crucial ingredients for implementing any strategy.

Lack, a seasoned business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and turnaround expert, co-authored The Real Estate Team Playbook in 2023 with Dana Green and Steve Shull and Plan To Turn Your Company Around in 90 Days in 2013. His background includes earning an MBA from The Wharton School, an MA from Johns Hopkins University SAIS and a BA from UC Berkeley, as well as working for and consulting with various startups, mid-caps, and Fortune 500 companies before focusing on real estate in 2018. Lack began offering his strategic advisory and process expertise with the Carey Hagglund Condy Team, leading that team to become the #1 Compass Marin County team in 2022 and 2023. He currently serves as President and COO of the Sally Forster Jones Group in Beverly Hills, as well as consults for top agents across the United States.

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